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About Author – Anthony Aquino

Anthony Aquino is the Editor in Chief at JILI.Global online casino and oversees content strategy and marketing initiatives for the brand.

Mr. Aquino is a Philippine national and graduated from University of the Philippines Diliman with a double concentration in Journalism and Business Administration. 

Growing up Mr. Aquino was always competitive both inside the classroom and outside on the football pitch. He loved playing both football and basketball just as much as watching it and both activities are still his favorite activities to this day. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is his favorite footballer because of his strong work ethics and Mr. Aquino has brought that level of dedication and intensity to JILI.Global. Like his footballer idol, he would not only be the first in the office, but he would be first in the entire building as well as the last one to leave. His management style is also similar to that of a footballer, where he places a heavy emphasis on building high-performance teams rather than focusing on individual performance. 

Beginning his journey amidst the green felt tables of renowned casinos—from Makati’s bustling lanes to Las Vegas’s vibrant lights— Mr. Aquino transitioned from a passionate baccarat and poker player to a discerning iGaming industry insider. Logging countless hours at blackjack and baccarat tables, he quickly delved into the intricacies of promotions, bonuses, and the pivotal RTP. The allure wasn’t merely the game but the underlying business opportunities. His analytical aptitude identified a lucrative niche within iGaming, catalyzing a dynamic career shift. 

Regularly attending global events like ICE London and SiGMA World, Mr Aquino built a network of familiar faces, emphasizing the industry’s tight-knit community. From roles in business development in companies such as Asia Gaming (AG) and eBET to account management with smaller companies, he’s navigated diverse roles, now shining as a Marketing Director. His articles echo this evolution, combining personal tales with deep industry knowledge, ensuring each piece is both insightful and relatable.

Mr. Aquino’s prior experience includes running operations at a top 5 sportsbook in South East Asia where he was the main liaison between account managers from live casino studios such as Asia Gaming, eBET, and Evolution Gaming to online slot game providers such as PGSoft, Fa Chai, and now JILI. 

Shortly after joining the industry, Mr. Mongkonkul knew that he did not want to do anything else. His goal now is to help propel JILI.Global into a household brand with the likes of SBOBET and Bet365.

If you would like to contact Mr. Aquino, his information is provided below: 

Anthony Aquino

Editor in Chief – JILI.Global


Phone number:

Email: [email protected]


Anthony Aquino serves as the Editor in Chief of JILI.Global, where he is responsible for overseeing the content strategy and marketing initiative of the brand. With 11 years of experience in the online casino industry, Mr. Aquino has a deep understanding and passion for his work. His goal is to help establish JILI.Global as a well-known and respected brand in the Philippines. You can find more about him here .

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